Stay positive! The science of financial wellbeing
31 Mar 2023
Stay positive! The science of financial wellbeing

Amid macroeconomic uncertainty, money matters are top of mind for consumers and brands alike – but wealth alone isn’t a measure of financial health. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Daniel Västfjäll and Dr. Gustav Tinghög to find out how emotions play a role in promoting and preventing financial wellbeing.

Dr. Daniel Västfjäll

Dr. Daniel Västfjäll is the deputy head of the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning at the University of Linköping. His research focuses on emotion and its impact on everyday behaviours and decision-making.

Dr. Gustav Tinghög

Dr. Gustav Tinghög is a senior associate professor at the University of Linköping’s Department of Management and Engineering in the economics division. His core focus is understanding everyday decision-making and the underlying processes at both an individual and societal level.

Bailey Bellingy

Bailey Bellingy is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. After completing a BSc in social sciences, she joined the world of cultural insights. Throughout her degree, Bailey gained experience across social research methods, focusing on sociology, gender, and race studies. With experience on a range of qualitative projects, her practice focuses on incorporating diverse narratives. Outside of Canvas8, she can be found stocking up on Glossier or browsing Jane’s Patisserie for recipes.