16 Feb 2023
How are rural Americans addressing their mental health?

Nowhere is America’s mental health crisis being felt more severely than in its rural communities, where those grappling with anxiety, depression, and addiction are often faced with a lack of adequate professional support. How can brands and businesses help alleviate the situation?

Essence Smith is a project manager at Partners for Rural Transformation, a coalition of nonprofit service providers with a focus on the Black Belt along with rural Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, and the Texas/Mexico Border.

Jeff Winton is the founder and chairman of Rural Minds, a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve as the informed voice for mental health in rural America and provide mental health information and resources. He is also the founder and owner of Wall Street Dairy LLC, a working family dairy farm in Chautauqua County, New York, and a member of a multigenerational farm family.

Ben Resnik works at the intersection of politics, technology, and social change, specialising in innovative digital communications for the public good. He has held key positions at leading political technology firms like DSPolitical, Swing Left, and People First, contributing to the Democratic House sweep of 2018 and Joe Biden's victory in 2020. Also a trained speechwriter, counter-disinformation practitioner, and member of the Truman National Security Project, Ben is an expert both in how to craft an effective message, and how that power is used to empower and mislead in today's digital world.