Birds of a feather! The science of crowd mentality
20 Jan 2023
Birds of a feather! The science of crowd mentality

We all have an innate desire for social connectedness, and with live events back on the agenda post-lockdown, there are plenty of chances to build bonds IRL. Canvas8 spoke to Tim Hill, a marketing lecturer at the University of Bath, about the value of social rituals before, during, and after events.

Tim Hill

Dr. Tim Hill was awarded his PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2016 and is currently a lecturer in marketing at the University of Bath. He is interested in individuals and communities that exist on the margins of society, isolated from political, economic, and cultural power. This inspired his interest in football fan culture, activism towards corporations, and people who reject knowledge produced by institutions.

Riani Kenyon

Riani Kenyon is a caffeinated Zillennial who is hopelessly addicted to The Sims 4 and binge-watches her latest anime obsession when she’s not busy bopping to early 2000’s K-pop. Beyond being a nerd, she has worked on initiatives for the UN Academic Impact and the UK Model WHO, and also explored politics while interning at the House of Commons.