16 Aug 2022
How 'local insiders' are changing the travel landscape

Travel platforms are urging people to connect with destinations through the eyes of locals, catering to an appetite for realness within the experience economy. How is this content impacting travel media, and to what extent is authenticity affecting decision-making for Gen Z and Y travellers?

Jenny Southan is the editor, founder, and CEO of Globetrender, the UK's leading travel trend forecasting agency. She’s also an award-winning travel journalist who writes for publications such as Conde Nast Traveller, Mr Porter, and The Telegraph. She previously spent ten years as features editor of Business Traveller magazine and is currently developing a high-budget TV series on the future of travel.

Michael Parker is the CEO and co-founder of ROADBOOK, a new digital space for creative travellers. He's an internationally experienced management consultant and marketing executive, who returned to his foundations in media and PR to bring together an experienced editorial and creative team and launch the ROADBOOK platform.

Dr. Milena S. Nikolova is a leading expert in applying insights about human behaviour to travel and sustainability. Her passion is in applying behaviour-smart tactics to enhance the positive impacts of tourism on people, companies, and places. Dr. Nikolova is a frequent speaker at global and regional tourism industry events on topics such as behavioural economics for tourism, reinventing travel, and understanding traveller behaviour. She is the author of the first book on applying behavioural sciences to strategic issues in tourism. Dr. Nikolova is also the founder of a boutique company focused on designing and delivering behaviour-smart innovations for the tourism sector.

Josephine Platt is a writer, editor, and researcher, with a background in lifestyle and travel journalism. She covers international travel and culture and has written across arts, fashion, wellness, and self for a range of titles. Pursuing her interest in cultural, social, and psychological phenomena, Platt is studying social and cultural anthropology as a postgraduate student, with research interests around Western engagement with indigenous spiritual practices.