What’s behind the rise of tenants unions?
28 Jun 2022
What’s behind the rise of tenants unions?

As a response to rising rental housing costs in the US, grassroots organizers are taking on their landlords by forming tenant unions and garnering the power of collective action. But what has driven this price-gouging and caused American renters to pursue these unionization efforts?

Dr. Mallory Sorelle

Dr. Mallory Sorelle is an assistant professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Her research and teaching explore socioeconomic and political inequality in the US.

Colin Beckett

Colin Beckett has been an organizer with the Los Angeles Tenants Union for over four years.

Sascha Cohen

Sascha Cohen is a Boston-based writer who has contributed culture and health stories to several outlets including The Atlantic, Playboy, Vulture, SELF, and Vice.