What’s driving the decline of ‘blanding’?
23 Jun 2022
What’s driving the decline of ‘blanding’?

Blanding – the use of monochromatic or minimal design that defined the 2010s – is fading in relevance. Fresh out of lockdown, consumers want the brands they choose to be bold and unique, as well as authentic and transparent. So, how can brands pivot to reflect these changing trends?

Meredith Post

As a creative director at LPK with over a decade of experience in branding, Meredith Post works every day to provide true meaning and magic to people. She is inspired by creative courage, oddity, and truth. She uses her experiences as a former college athlete and a coach to solve big challenges with teams. She has worked across a multitude of categories, but her sweet spots are performance, food and beverage, health and wellness, and beauty. She has been featured on NPR, Design Observer, The Dieline, and Branding Magazine, and was noted as one of the '35 Leading Thinkers on Brand' by The Branding Roundtable in 2018.

Richard Salmon

Richard Salmon is the director at Fishfinger Media Ltd. Fishfinger specialises in branding, web design, illustration, and animation. The company's work has been featured around the globe and has helped young and old brands alike thrive in an ultra-competitive landscape.

Meaghan Beatley

Meaghan Beatley is a journalist based in Barcelona. She has written for The Guardian, Vice, The New Statesman and National Geographic, among others.