9 Jun 2022
How are over-65s approaching longer careers?

Older Adults are working past retirement age but require a specific set of needs. What does this mean for employers, whose diversity and inclusivity efforts encompass gender, ethnicity, class, and disability, but have little track record of recruiting or retaining older talent?

Stewart Lewis is the CEO at Rest Less, a digital community for people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Emily Andrews is deputy director for work at the Centre for Ageing Better.

Carole Railton is a body language and personal branding consultant.

Morag Lynagh is Unilever’s global future of work director.

Stephanie Dillon is the founder of Inclusivity Partners, a return-to-work specialist for talent with career breaks.

MaryLou Costa is a business writer covering the future of work, in particular changes that advance women's careers and gender equality in the workplace. Her work has been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Observer, Insider, Sifted, Stylist, WorkLife, Secure Futures, Reasons to be Cheerful, Catalyst, Marketing Week, UNLEASH, and others. She was shortlisted for Best New Freelancer at the IPSE 2021 Freelancer Awards. She is an experienced panel moderator and has appeared on Times Radio, the BBC, and Sky News as an expert commentator. She publishes a newsletter, ‘Your Best Work Life’, on advancing women in the workplace.