6 May 2022
2022 Generational Snapshot of Older Adults

In the 2022 Generational Snapshot of Older Adults, we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their approach to family life, the effects of the cost of living crisis on their everyday spending habits, and what they now want from end-of-life care.

Suzanne Noble is the co-founder of Advantages of Age, a social enterprise created to challenge the media narrative around ageing. She co-created and delivers Startup School for Seniors, the only programme that supports over-50s to turn an idea into a business. A serial entrepreneur, Suzanne has a career spanning over 30 years that includes being co-director of a Top 150 PR agency. Most recently, she created the award-winning nestful, a tech startup that helps older homeowners to find compatible lodgers. She has been featured in Forbes, The Times, FT, Telegraph, and BBC News. She is a member of Sense Worldwide, a network to help businesses discover, ideate, and evaluate their future.

Jonathan Hassall is a senior behavioural analyst in the data and insights team at Canvas8. A published academic with a master's degree in psychology, he’s brought cutting-edge research techniques to some of the largest brands in the world. He can usually be found immersed in niche musical genres or being a doting father to a panoply of plants and a primadonna cat.