25 Apr 2022
How is American beauty changing in the digital world?

The increased usage of Zoom and face filter apps has led to rising interest in skincare, beauty treatments, and plastic surgery. But, while the body positivity movement and no make-up looks remain popular, the demand for cosmetic products and procedures has seen no reduction.

Rosanna K. Smith is an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and holds a PhD in marketing from Yale University. Her research focuses on the intersection between authenticity and beauty. She is currently exploring how social media plays a role in influencing appearance-related consumption and consumers’ sense of self.

Deanna Utroske is a top-tier critical thinker in the cosmetics and personal care industry. She's known globally for her fair-minded commentary, clear and concise explanations of complex issues, and candid analysis of the trends, movements, and innovations disrupting beauty today. Formerly the editor of the business news site Cosmetics Design, Utroske regularly shares commentary with key trade publications and market researchers and consults for private clients (in ingredients and manufacturing), developing news-generating B2B press releases, ghost-writing thought leadership content, blogging for businesses, and speaking to event audiences and company teams.

Sascha Cohen is a Boston-based writer who has contributed culture and health stories to several outlets including The Atlantic, Playboy, Vulture, SELF, and Vice.