Are they even sorry? The science of brand remorse
21 Jan 2022
Are they even sorry? The science of brand remorse

People have high expectations of brands, with one bad experience enough for some to make a switch. But research suggests that a tactful apology can win back business. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Subimal Chatterjee about how different ways of saying ‘sorry’ can inspire forgiveness in particular mindsets.

Subimal Chatterjee

Dr. Subimal Chatterjee is a professor of marketing at Binghamton University’s School of Management. His research interests include the role of context in value perception, managing customer satisfaction, and seemingly irrational decision-making.

Christina Møller

Christina Møller is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. With an MSc in social and cultural psychology, she is interested in how different cultural contexts shape people’s ways of thinking. She speaks Danish and French. Outside of work, you can usually find her strolling around London taking pictures or drinking wine with friends.