I’ve got two cars! The science of status pivoting
12 Nov 2021
I’ve got two cars! The science of status pivoting

Societal norms and social media platforms are exacerbating the human tendency to compare successes with others, leaving people feeling threatened in their social status. High-status goods help people showcase their worth, and according to Dr. Dafna Goor, can boost self-esteem and wellbeing.

Dafna Goor

Dafna Goor is a PhD student at Harvard Business School. Her research focuses on branding, luxury marketing, and authenticity. She is particularly interested in conflicts between status-seeking and self-perception, and examines how brands create and resolve such conflicts.

Veronica Ferrari

Veronica Ferrari is a writer, consultant, and cultural insights analyst who has worked with major brands and agencies worldwide identifying trends using social media intelligence. She is one of the Top 25 Pioneers in Social Intelligence according to the SIL Insider 50 2023 list. She is currently head of insight at InsightX, a leading intelligence and reputation risk agency with clients in business, sport, and culture. Veronica also writes about publishing, social media, Brazil, and tech for a variety of media outlets. After leaving Italy eight years ago, she has lived and worked in London, Rio de Janeiro, and now France.