How are expressions of digital self changing?
7 Jul 2021
How are expressions of digital self changing?

After a period of rapid digitisation, in which people relied heavily on the internet to facilitate meaningful connections, modes of visual self-expression have moved far beyond the performative selfie. In this new era of metaversal living, how do people want to curate their virtual identities?

Dr. Pascal Wallisch

Dr. Pascal Wallisch serves as a professor of psychology and neuroscience at New York University, where he studies a diverse range of topics including psychopathy, music, and the nature of disagreement. He is a TEDx speaker and writes for Slate and Creativity Post. His most recent work studied the concept of narcissism on social media and posits that it is fuelled by insecurity, not grandiosity.

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard is a lecturer in digital media and society at the University of Sheffield. Her current research explores social media platforms’ content moderation policies and she is preparing to release her first book on the to pic, The Platform Generation: Young Lives and Social Media Content Policies. She is currently a member of Facebook’s advisory committee on suicide and self injury, and contributes to numerous publications.

Roisin Lanigan

Róisín Lanigan is a writer and editor based in London and Belfast. She works at i-D and has written for The Face, Vice, New Statesman, The Atlantic, NYMag, and Prospect, among other publications.