Apr 19, 2021
How is COVID-19 impacting school choices?

With lockdown keeping kids home from school, parents are getting more involved with their children’s education. And this goes beyond remote teaching. With support for alternative learning models growing, and educational inequality rising, how will the pandemic impact school choices in the future?

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Reporter Chana Joffe-Walt says that she vividly recalls the many tours she took of New York City public schools when her child reached school age. Joffe-Walt would join other parents, mostly White, during work hours as school administrators, mostly Black and Brown, offered sales pitches for why their elementary school was the best choice. “They were pleading with us to take part in this public school,” Joffe-Walt said in her podcast, Nice White Parents, in July 2020. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt my own consumer power more viscerally than I did shopping for a public school as a White parent.” [1]