19 Apr 2021
How is COVID-19 impacting school choices?

With lockdown keeping kids home from school, parents are getting more involved with their children’s education. And this goes beyond remote teaching. With support for alternative learning models growing, and educational inequality rising, how will the pandemic impact school choices in the future?

Robin Lake is the director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), a non-partisan research and policy analysis organization developing evidence-based solutions for K-12 public education. Her research focuses on US public school system reforms, including public school choice and charter schools; innovation and scale; portfolio management; and effective state and local public oversight practices.

Dr. Rebecca Bodenheimer is a cultural critic and Cuba scholar based in Oakland, California. Her son attends a district school in the Oakland Unified School District. She is part of a parent group in favor of reopening, OUSD Parents for Transparency and Safe Reopening, which is part of a statewide group, Open Schools California.

Heather Tirado Gilligan is a journalist based in Oakland. She covers health and health policy and her writing has appeared in publications including Slate, The Nation, and The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter @heathergilligan.