7 Jan 2021
How social values impact Germans’ eating habits

With health a high priority as a result of COVID-19, food has become even more central to the way people think about wellbeing, causing many to shake up their diets. Yet this is not the sole reason behind Germany’s shift towards veganism. What’s fuelling the nation’s appetite for plant-based foods?

Chris Bryant works at Bath University’s Department of Psychology. His primary research interest is consumer acceptance of cultured meat and he is also interested in behavioural interventions to reduce the consumption of animal products and increase pro-environmental habits. He recently worked on a report that looked at attitudes towards cultured meat in Germany and France.

Ulrika Brandt is a plant-based food market expert based in Berlin. She works at Pro Veg, an international food awareness organisation that operates in four continents.

Gouri Sharma is an internationally renowned independent journalist from London living in Berlin writing for international media sites including Al Jazeera English and Deutsche Welle. Amid a career spanning nearly two decades, including five years on the production desk for Al Jazeera's flagship media critique show The Listening Post, Gouri now writes on issues such as race, culture, migration, history, and sexual health and wellness. With each report, she aims to draw out the individual story amid the wider political or historical context; centring the human story is a priority, in particular amplifying the voices of those from marginalised communities whose stories are not as visible.