Will COVID-19 create a generation of super savers?
10 Aug 2020
Will COVID-19 create a generation of super savers?

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of people’s lives and a looming recession means the worst may yet be in store. Having grown up in the wake of the 2008 crash, Gen Zers are already alert to financial precarity, but how will coming of age during a pandemic shape their relationship with money?

James Blower

James Blower is the founder of savings consultancy and price comparison site The Savings Guru. The former managing director of Clydesdale Bank International, he was also the first savings director of Shawbrook and Masthaven Bank. Blower has bought more banks to market in the UK having worked with new licence entrants including Zopa, Oxbury, and Recognise, as well as launching new savings businesses for Harrods Bank and Arbuthnot Direct for Arbuthnot Latham. He also chairs the Association of Savings Professionals.

Kim Stephenson

Kim Stephenson specialises in financial psychology. He spent a decade advising clients as a fee-based, qualified IFA and went on to qualify as a psychologist to coach and train how to think, feel, and behave with money to get the most of it. He guest lectures at various universities on psychology, risk, and finance, and is on the finance industry’s 'subject matter expert' lists. He’s also a tutor and assessor in postgraduate neuroscience. He’s written two popular books on the psychology of finance and maximising happiness from money: Finance is Personal for university students and Taming the Pound for the general reader.

Emmajo Read

Emmajo Read is a writer and copywriter based in London. She has a bachelor’s degree Sociology and a master’s in Cultural and Critical Studies. For Canvas8, she’s written about everything from sex and solitude to pet parents and veganism. She’s also written for Protein and DJ Magazine.