23 Jun 2020
Has COVID-19 disrupted German TV habits for good?

Public service broadcasters remain cherished in Germany, but the proliferation of streaming services is driving a major shift in the media landscape, particularly among Gen Yers and Zers. How has COVID-19 accelerated this change and could it dissolve the generational divide in TV watching habits?

Lisa Jaeger is the global head of software, internet, and media for Simon-Kucher & Partners. She is an expert in portfolio optimisation, pricing, and marketing for all types of media companies.

Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau holds the chair for marketing and media research at the University of Münster’s Marketing Center. He is an expert in the field of entertainment, media marketing, and economics, focusing on the consequences of digitalisation and social media for businesses and consumers in particular.

Andres Zambrano Bravo is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who loves to ask why. He loves puzzles and seeks answers to social phenomena and trends, helping researchers, companies, and artists to also find their voice along the way. When not annoying people with questions, you can find him spinning records in one of Berlin’s smoky venues.