5 Dec 2019
2020 Expert Outlook on Communications

Is Facebook ‘over’? How can brands avoid accusations of woke-washing? What does the future of podcasts look like? And how are we becoming more mindful of our social media usage? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to four experts about how people are interacting globally.

Lee Rainie is the director of internet and technology research at Pew Research Center. He is also the co-author of Networked: The New Social Operating System and five books about the future of the internet.

John Harrington is the UK editor of PRWeek, where he writes about the biggest issues facing the PR and communications industry, from the rise of call-out culture to the growth of micro-influencers.

Jacob Quirke is a senior account manager at JC Social Media, which helps companies grow their brands and create an online presence using social media.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is an author, keynote speaker around digital media, and was an early employee at Twitter. She has spoken at the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Mashable Social Good Summit, and is the author of Social Media Success for Every Brand.

Katy Young is a Canvas8 senior behavioural analyst. She has a degree in American Studies and Film and an MA in Journalism. Her interests include wild swimming, thinking of podcast ideas and singing in an all-female choir.