Nov 7, 2019
How a spotty dress became an online moment

Turning up to an event in the same dress as someone else used to be the stuff of sartorial nightmares. But, thanks to a culture of celebrating, not shaming, on social, #twinning is often #winning. But how does a dress become ‘the dress’? And how can a single product spark an online moment?

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Have you ever turned up to a wedding to find that you’re wearing the exact same outfit as somebody else? Once firmly considered a fashion faux pas, the virality of high street 'it' pieces like Zara’s sell-out spotty dress in summer 2019, the white flouncy top in 2018 (preferably by Californian brand Dôen), and Zara’s blue off-the-shoulder in 2016, have ignited not only an acceptance that one style really can suit all, but also a sense of community both online and IRL. [1] According to fashion communications specialist Stephanie Barker Fry, “The need to identify and belong has long been recognised as an antidote to increasing levels of loneliness, and there is perhaps less shame in celebrating like-minded fashion choices if the brand is reputable.” [2]