A Cultural Snapshot of Germany: 2019
24 Oct 2019
A Cultural Snapshot of Germany: 2019

How is increasing multiculturalism shaping the collective ‘we’? Why are people torn between saving and investing? And what's the societal impact of transnational romance? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats and case studies to explore behavioural norms shared by German people in 2019.

Barbara Woolsey

Barbara Woolsey is a multimedia journalist covering topics on culture, food, travel, tech, and politics. She has authored guidebooks, worked in social media management and consultation, panel and event moderation, as well as broadcast television and radio production. Her highly international career includes in-depth work experience in Canada, Thailand, and Germany, as well as storytelling from various countries across Europe and Asia. Her work has been published by National Geographic, Reuters, Time Out, the BBC, USA Today, VICE, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, The Telegraph, and many others.