2019 Expert Outlook on Technology
12 Dec 2018
2019 Expert Outlook on Technology

Can artificial intelligence resolve privacy concerns? How will the tech industry handle new regulations? Are blended interfaces the future of digital devices? In this part of the 2019 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about what’s changing in the way people experience technology.

Eric Poindessault

Eric Poindessault is the co-founder and CEO of Biggerpan, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence start-up that develops a mobile predictive recommendation engine. As well as being a repeat entrepreneur, investor, and start-up mentor, he is a keynote speaker and contributor to TechCrunch and VentureBeat, writing about AI and the future of mobile.

Dr. Blay Whitby

Dr. Blay Whitby is a philosopher and ethicist from the University of Sussex who’s concerned with the social impact of new and emerging technologies. He is the author of ‘On Computable Morality’, ‘Reflections on Artificial Intelligence: The Legal, Moral and Ethical Dimensions’, and ‘Artificial Intelligence, A Beginner’s Guide’.

Paul McAleer

Paul McAleer is a designer, writer, and information architect with 33 years of experience in technology and design. As the UX director at Bounteous, he works with teams to create experiences that flow naturally between devices and channels while keeping people at the heart of it all.

Mira Kopolovic

Mira Kopolovic is a senior social scientist at Canvas8. She has a master’s degree that focused on visual culture and artist-brand collaborations, and spends her spare time poring over dystopian literature.