How can online cinemas combat piracy in Russia?
21 Oct 2018
How can online cinemas combat piracy in Russia?

Despite the growth of online cinema services in Russia, only 34% of people would pay to watch movies in good quality rather than getting a sub-standard version for free. Why is pirated content still preferred in the country, and what might cause this to change in the future?

Dmitriy Barchenkov

Dmitriy Barchenkov is a film critic who writes for Playboy, Wonderzine and other outlets.

Olga Filipuk

Olga Filipuk is the director of development of media services at Yandex.

Ivan Grinin

Ivan Grinin is a director of strategic analytic at Ivi online cinema.

Mikhael Agafonov

Mikhael Agafonov is a Moscow-based writer, social media expert and publicist. Writing for both Russian and international media, he also frequently collaborates with a wide selection of brands,
including Sony, Apple and Google.