Sep 23, 2018
How yoga and meditation can stretch across society

Yoga and meditation are evolving from personal pursuits to institutional aids as employers, schools, prisons, and the NHS seek to tap into their physical and mental health benefits. How can the widespread adoption of these practices help enhance the wellbeing of society as a whole?

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“Stress has become an epidemic,” states Jennifer Meer, the founder of Mind House, a company that is looking to modernise meditation and make it more accessible via pop-up group sessions in London. [1] Considering that 85% of Britons report experiencing stress regularly and 37% feel this way for at least one full day per week – with concerns about money, work, and health, and a lack of sleep the leading contributors – she’s certainly got a point. [2] In fact, poor mental health overall is estimated to cost UK employers between £33 billion and £42 billion each year. [3]