18 Jul 2018
Why Britons are basking in their bathrooms

As everyday stressors send ever more of us in search of a moment’s respite, the bathroom is becoming a refuge where people can reboot and reflect. But how do Britons actually spend time in this space? And how is the room being designed to be both private and public, and functional yet luxurious?

Yousef Mansuri is an experienced designer within the luxury bathroom industry, working as the head of retail design at British firm C.P. Hart.

Charlotte Wahlberg is a Stockholm-based interior stylist with a specialist interest in sustainable and holistic interior design and how to use interior styling to create wellbeing – both at home and in offices. She is running the interior design studio Scandinaviangrey and is an Instagram blogger at @scandinaviangrey. Charlotte also has a long experience of consumer insights, specialised within retail and branding. She also runs a consultancy agency helping brands develop their brand and business strategies.

A specialist sustainability writer within the travel and design industries, Isobel has written for a broad range of national and international titles including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. She brings particular expertise in consumer behaviour and trends within luxury and eco-travel and sustainable design, and has worked with luxury and travel brands as a consultant. She has written consumer behaviour reports on topics including 'how airlines can help consumers fly green' and the habits of high net-worth individuals.