Expert Outlook 2022The Systems ScepticSuspicious of existing systems, people are opting out and building their own.

Across the world, information and influence are being decentralised. The Systems Sceptic is opting out of existing structures to find new and progressive ways to live, as evidenced by new party politics, the push to adopt crypto salaries in Australia, and an exodus from major social platforms. Well-read and switched on to the news, they’re able to spin facts together in a way that makes their arguments – around everything from the climate to vaccines to Bitcoin – the most compelling. In doing so, they’re striving to change the rules we live by.

How are they behaving?

Facing a post-pandemic financial crisis, The Systems Sceptic is looking for new ways to hack, save, and generate financial wealth. Angered by the rising wealth of the 1% and the rising debt of ordinary people, they are looking to put their money in new, risky, or alternative pots of gold.

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The pandemic highlighted the fact that the current structure of knowledge work is no longer suited to modern lives. While many people are going solo, opting for remote, or opting out of knowledge work entirely, the Systems Sceptic is challenging what it means to work today and pushing to tear down structures they feel are oppressive to both wellbeing and innovation.

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The pandemic shone a light on the fragility of supply chains as shelves were left bare and deliveries delayed. The Systems Sceptic is pushing for new localised, eco-friendly, and more transparent ways to meet the needs of customers.

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What our experts have to say
We have been struck by three pandemics – coronavirus, anti-racism, and environmentalism. These kinds of issues are hyper objects – very large issues that impact almost every core idea of what it means to exist.Florencia LujaniStrategy director and cultural insights expert
I feel like there's an entrepreneurial spark in the air in Germany right now. A lot of people are taking a lot more initiative and starting a lot more of their own programmes or businesses.Sara CooperProject manager at My Country Talks
People in China are looking to maximise their life experiences – self-fulfilment, education, achievement, gender, family. From material consumption to private tutoring and online entrepreneurship, they want to experience fulfilment in every respect.Fengshu LiuProfessor at the Department of Education
Young people are leaving France because of the pressures of modern life and the quality of life. They are starting to question their work, looking to reinvent themselves and find new meaning in the workplace.Wided BatatProfessor of marketing, entrepreneur, and speaker
For a lot of people in China, there's been a real shift in upper-tier cities where they have rebalanced their priorities and their work-life balance. They have realised they are often in these sort of slightly meaningless jobs and they're not really going anywhere, instead working to make somebody else rich. I think, next year, a lot of people will leave cities and go their own way.Jake NewbyWriter and editor
I want to believe that 2022 will be a boom year for Germany. I think people will want to leave everything behind that held them back. There is an energy that will come from the new government and a certain giddiness about seeing new ideas around integration or digitisation come to life that I believe will result in new ministries being formed. I'm hoping that we will suddenly see things pop up that previously would have had so much red tape around them.Many AmeriCo-founder and managing director
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How to speak to the Systems Sceptic
Create decentralised networks
The Systems Sceptic is interested in redistributing power and giving it back to the ordinary citizen, so creating networks where people can carve out their own path is key. Facilitate interest-based communities on alternative platforms to win their hearts.
DO IT LIKEBraintrust
Offer different ways to pay
The Systems Sceptic is rethinking the value of money and how it is made, saved, and spent. They also want their finances to be as flexible as their lives, so offering different ways to pay – whether through different currencies, crypto, bartering, or buy-now-pay-later options – will help build long-term loyalty.
Build systems resilience
The Systems Sceptic wants institutions to think and act more in line with their core values. In times of disruption, take the lead by building systems that stand up to scrutiny and give people an alternative that’s stable and proves you care about the long term.
Upcoming LiveMeet the System Sceptic: Bitcoin bro to eco-studentDec 9, 2021 - 17:00 GMT / 12:00 EST / 9:00 PSTNFT art, sandbox gaming, and radical supply chain management – we take a closer look at how this mindset is shaping sectors and revealing itself across different markets.
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