Expert Outlook 2022
Opt in/Opt out

Are people supporting local or itching to go global? Living for today or tomorrow? Searching for freedom or a need to belong?

Post-lockdown, people are eager to go their own way. The pandemic has forced people to prioritise what matters to them, and now they are taking action to opt in and out of societal expectations to build lifestyles, communities and activities that align with their values. Whether opting into novel experiences like the metaverse and opting out of traditional office work, or opting into new forms of community-building and opting out of traditional financial systems, Canvas8’s 2022 mindsets map out the consumer currents brands need to know.

We spoke to 35 global experts and 33 cultural insiders across 9 countries to uncover three new mindsets set to disrupt and define the year ahead.

Meet the mindsets
The Culture StewardRethinking localism for a hyper-globalised world, people are reframing community, culture and craft. If the pandemic taught people anything, it was the value of their immediate surroundings and the individuals, culture, and craft that make up a community. The Culture Steward wants to preserve local culture against the backdrop of hyper-globalisation. They're challenging colonial histories in the UK, redesigning tourism in France, and establishing a new artisan culture in India among those who've quit corporate jobs. This group is reframing how people think about the past and the future to build sustainable local solutions for the next generation.
The Systems ScepticSuspicious of existing systems, people are opting out and building their own. Across the world, information and influence are being decentralised. The Systems Sceptic is opting out of existing structures to find new and progressive ways to live, as evidenced by new party politics, the push to adopt crypto salaries in Australia, and an exodus from major social platforms. Well-read and switched on to the news, they’re able to spin facts together in a way that makes their arguments – around everything from the climate to vaccines to Bitcoin – the most compelling. In doing so, they’re striving to change the rules we live by.
The ContrarianNot wanting to take life too seriously, people are ‘doing me’ and owning their contradictions. Not everyone is out to change systems or redefine cultural norms. For many, the only way to deal with the state of the world is with a dose of quirky, camp, and totally unapologetic humour. Likely to go vegetarian after watching Cowspiracy but stealth-eat a post-party kebab, The Contrarian is down-to-earth and embraces their contradictions. From idolising Instagram influencers to supporting body positivity, attending murder-mystery parties to making memes about JOMO, talking about therapy and then seeking out spiritual guidance from a pug on TikTok, these people are hunting out new experiences, living for today, and are determined not to take life – or themselves – too seriously.
Live Series2022 Expert Outlook: Opt In / Opt OutNov 30, 2021Opt-in and meet the mindsets from our Expert Outlook 2022 research – the product of 68 expert interviews and over 150 hours of analysis.
How we did it
We spoke to 78 global experts across our 9 key markets - Germany, US, UK, India, Japan, China, Australia, France, Brazil - to mine their thoughts on what 2022 might look like.
The interviews were coded up and the insights cross-analysed with Canvas8's macro behaviours to map out the cultural landscape and define three mindsets.
These were stress tested against our Pandemic Culture and Sensemaker frameworks to give you clarity on the key attitudes, behaviours and tensions that will be emerging from consumers in 2022.
Meet our experts
How we got here
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