Charlotte’s Cupboard: packaging free shopping

With The UK Plastics Pact seeing 42 companies pledging to curb wasteful plastic habits by 2025, brands are being forced to address the issue head on. Leading the charge is Charlotte’s Cupboard: a mobile grocery store that is helping people to avoid unnecessary packaging and food waste.

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May 2018 saw the launch of The UK Plastics Pact – an initiative that aims to tackle the problem of plastic waste in the UK. The pact wants to ensure that by 2025 the 42 businesses that have pledged allegiance will be able to boast that 100% of the plastic packaging they use is reusable, recyclable or compostable. [1] With pressure being put on brands’ plastic consumption, they would be best placed to look for ways they can ensure that their creation and use of plastic is in line with this increasing focus on sustainability.