Adventurous WomenWomen are feeling empowered to get outdoors
Adventurous Women

In 2017, just 58% of women in the UK and 50% in the US met national physical activity recommendations. But shifting gender norms mean that women are now unapologetic for wanting to be fit and physically strong – as demonstrated by the 5.3 million Instagram posts tagged with #strongwomen. While crossing the finish line of an Ironman event or swimming across an icy lake may once have been the reserve of weather-worn and muscled men, women are increasingly eschewing the gym in favour of more physically demanding activities such as hiking, open-water swimming and long-distance cycling.

As participation in social and ‘fun run’ events like The Beer Mile and the Ragnar Relay increases, there is one sport that can boast a tradition of female empowerment. Women have long played tennis at the same venues and times as men, and over time they’ve achieved the same status, prize money and TV ratings.