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/ People will buy brands that have an authentic purpose

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Glynn Davis

Glynn Davis is a business writer specialising in the retail, food, and drink sectors. He is also the editor and founder of Retail Insider.

New retailers are often built to serve a mission or a purpose, they’re formed with that at the heart. For example, a brand might give all its profits to charity or it might be specifically created to reduce waste materials. These new brands are changing people’s expectations and putting pressure on larger organisations to find their purpose.

When given the choice between buying from a company with purpose and one without, it’s obvious that consumers would rather buy from one with a mission – as long as it’s authentic. For example, Too Good To Go is an app that connects people with restaurants so they can buy food that would otherwise go in the bin, and Elvis & Kresse rejects fast fashion by offering free repairs, promoting the idea that you should treasure products. It’s tough for existing companies to bring something like that in, but it’s not impossible. In 2020, brands will try to authentically build purpose into their businesses.



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