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  • How can gig-based work be made less precarious?
  • How can gig-based work be made less precarious?
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Why the gig economy doesn’t work for Gens Z and Y

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the precarious nature of gig-based work, especially for Gen Zers and Yers. With young people facing dim career prospects amid an economic downturn, how can businesses within the gig economy evolve to acknowledge their reconfigured needs and values?

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Across the US, people are crying out against the exploitative nature of the gig economy, exemplified by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich tweeting about living wages and countless memes about lackluster earnings. Dubious quality of life, worsening economic prospects, and a lack of stability are generating skepticism among Gen Zers and Yers about not just the gig economy but also the broader model of neoliberal capitalism itself, according to Dr. Winifred Poster, professor of international affairs at Washington University of St. Louis. [1]

The effects of the COVID-19 crisis mean that ...



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    Naeema Pasha on the evolving future of work

    Successful vaccine rollouts may signal a return to offices in 2021, but given the pandemic’s drastic impact on people’s values and attitudes, what will they expect from employers going forwards? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Naeema Pasha of the Henley Business School about the future of work.

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    Gen Z Mafia: dismantling Silicon Valley old guard

    Tiring of Big Tech, Gen Zers are seeking out alternative platforms. Members of Gen Z Mafia are building the tech world they want to see from the ground up. Since its launch, users include college and high school students, founders, and young employees at tech companies and start-ups.

  • Humor helps young people engage with political news

    Humor helps young people engage with political news

    A study has found that presenting news with a humorous angle makes it more memorable for Gen Yers and Zers, upping their likelihood to share on social media. Amid widespread news fatigue, humor can be an important tool to help people understand and relate to political news.

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    Black Twitter: the digital collective for Black voices

    Centered around the experiences and opinions of Black users, Black Twitter is a subculture on the platform where Black voices are unfiltered. This collective explores Black identity and demonstrates the positive impact of community in times of crisis and racial injustice.