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  • Can Elon Musk make people feel more optimistic about the future?
  • Can Elon Musk make people feel more optimistic about the future?
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Elon Musk: techno-optimism for the space age

Love him or loathe him? Elon Musk inspires polarized reactions. But as his bitcoin antics cause waves and Starlink orbits our skies, what’s the secret behind Musk’s influence and reach? The pandemic has changed expectations of leadership and made room for the power of optimism.

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May 2021 and Elon Musk is all over the news – more so than usual. His widely covered appearance as the host of SNL divided public opinion about this charismatic, funny/unfunny entrepreneur and tech visionary. But this maverick persona is combined with titanic online economic influence. Musk wielded this power with tweets expressing concern over bitcoin’s environmental credentials; Dogecoin’s value dropped when he agreed it was ‘a hustle’. [1][2] The value of the cryptocurrency subsequently plummeted. This power to seemingly make or break a currency’s value with a mouse-click has helped cultivate an image of Musk ...



  • Tesla ditches bitcoin amid environmental backlash

    Tesla ditches bitcoin amid environmental backlash

    In the wake of renewed scrutiny around the environmental impact of mining cryptocurrency, Elon Musk has announced a pause in Bitcoin transactions for Tesla sales. Critics view the move with scepticism, given Musk’s personal investment in dogecoin, and it could end up undermining the entrepreneur. 

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    Deuxmoi: collective truth via celebrity gossip

    A real-life ‘Gossip Girl’ is ‘spilling the tea’ on celebrities with the help of its 430K+ followers. Born out of lockdown boredom, the @Deuxmoi Instagram account is offering a distraction from the seriousness of 2020, appealing to our base desire to get the scoop, even in the midst of a pandemic.

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    How will COVID-19 change the cult of celebrity?

    From poetry readings to live music tutorials, COVID-19 is transforming the ways celebrities interact with fans. But how are influencers and celebs using or misusing their platforms to broadcast how relatable and accessible they are? And how will the cult of celebrity evolve post-pandemic?

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    Tesla Autopilot: an automatic car cult

    Tesla didn’t set out just to challenge the automotive sector – it wants to change it. It ranks in the top five brands among motor enthusiasts, and celebrity fans of Tesla include Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and Jay Leno. But how has an electric car company become a cool cult brand?