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  • How can newspaper design inform digital news processes?
  • How can newspaper design inform digital news processes?
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Update me! The science of news consumption

The pandemic accelerated the transition from print to digital for many newspaper brands. While this evolution has its perks, what might be lost in the process? Canvas8 spoke to Shuhua Zhou and Damon Kiesow to find out how the power of communication within print can translate to digital.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has arguably been one of the most testing times in any newspaper’s publishing history. With journalists forced to work from home, entire sections devoid of stories due to lockdowns, and false rumours that newspapers themselves could be vectors of the virus, it’s been a rough period. In the US, for example, more than 70 local newsrooms have closed since the crisis began. But from delivering local papers to doorsteps to introducing paywalls for the first time, the fightback has been considerable.

A fast-moving pandemic and axis-tilting global events have ...



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    Why legacy news resonates with German Gen Zers

    Youth culture is often linked with innovation and radical departures from past norms. But when it comes to the news, German Gen Zers are finding themselves drawn to ‘old’ media. So, how can broadcasters and newspapers build on their trusted status? And what do Zers expect from online news?

  • 'FemMit' magazine gives a voice to East German women

    'FemMit' magazine gives a voice to East German women

    Dresden-based magazine femMit is fighting clichés about women with the aim of elevating new role models. Taking a step back from dominant West German narratives about gender equality, femMit builds on a growing interest in complex, nuanced stories about professional women. 

  • Britons want to tackle the London news bubble

    Britons want to tackle the London news bubble

    The ‘London Bubble’ has long been an issue in the UK, whereby people outside the capital feel ignored by the government, news organisations, and brands. With COVID-19 having deepened the divide between North and South, there's a need to rethink how to better cater to regional audiences.

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    How are young Britons reading the news?

    Young people are consuming the news in vastly different ways to generations before them, but news brands still don’t know how to speak to them. How can young people get the information they need to be informed citizens and is it time to rethink what news means for the next generation?