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  • How is Aldi bringing the Christmas spirit in June?
  • How is Aldi bringing the Christmas spirit in June?
    Aldi | Twitter (2021) ©

Aldi Junemas: Christmas cheer ends a lockdown year

What will Christmas 2021 look like? Aldi is getting in early on Christmas calculations by introducing Junemas. Instead of asking people to wait until December to reclaim the Christmas they didn’t have in 2020, it’s inviting people to enjoy mince pies and family time in June instead.

Location United Kingdom

For many Britons, Christmas of 2020 was a muted affair. People were separated from their families and many spent the holiday season alone. On December 28th, 2020, a total of 41,385 COVID-19 cases were reported, as Britain found itself in the throes of a major second wave. [1] Even for those not directly affected by the illness, the daily reported figures were grim. Almost everyone was generally without their traditional forms of Christmas rituals.





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