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  • How are young Germans keeping up with current affairs?
  • How are young Germans keeping up with current affairs?
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Why legacy news resonates with German Gen Zers

Youth culture is often linked with innovation and radical departures from past norms. But when it comes to the news, German Gen Zers are finding themselves drawn to ‘old’ media. So, how can broadcasters and newspapers build on their trusted status? And what do Zers expect from online news?

Location Germany

Germany may be an economic and political powerhouse, but according to a report from the European Commission, the nation’s digitisation efforts between 2015 and 2020 were just ‘slightly above average’. [1] “Rather than being confronted with a mere lack of innovative capacity or competition, Germany struggles with a more rigid and unexpected barrier – that of culture,” explains Luise Ritter, a former research assistant at the Hertie School’s Centre for Digital Governance. [2] Yet while cultural and structural factors – such as government inefficiency and a reluctance among medium-sized companies to move on from traditional working ...



  • Digital divide persists in Germany despite progress

    Digital divide persists in Germany despite progress

    A survey has revealed that Germans are comfortable with digital tools, but the country falls behind in areas such as education and telemedicine due to outlooks and regulations around privacy. Changing these perceptions will be essential to ensuring everyone has access to vital services.

  • YouTube tackles conspiracies with fact-check feature

    YouTube tackles conspiracies with fact-check feature

    YouTube is launching a fact-checking feature in Germany and the UK as it looks to stem the tide of misinformation on its platform. With conspiracy theories growing ever more popular in Germany, big technology companies have an opportunity to help people counter problematic narratives.

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    Has COVID-19 disrupted German TV habits for good?

    Public service broadcasters remain cherished in Germany, but the proliferation of streaming services is driving a major shift in the media landscape, particularly among Gen Yers and Zers. How has COVID-19 accelerated this change and could it dissolve the generational divide in TV watching habits?

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    What do people want from the media in anxious times?

    In the middle of a pandemic, Americans are scrambling to keep abreast of the headlines – and stay sane while doing so. How can people stay informed while maintaining their mental health? And what else, besides objective information, can the media offer to those stuck at home?