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  • How are eco-conscious Britons looking to travel post-pandemic?
  • How are eco-conscious Britons looking to travel post-pandemic?
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Why will local travel remain popular in the ‘new normal’?

International tourism virtually ground to a halt in 2020, leaving countless would-be jet-setters stuck at home. Yet at the same time, many people took the chance to re-evaluate how and why they travel. Could sustainability concerns reshape the ways that Britons plan their holidays post-pandemic?

Location United Kingdom

The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 forced Britons to wean themselves off their usual travel diets of frequent budget flights, cheap package holidays, and jam-packed itineraries. While sudden border closures and health concerns provoked a sense of anxiety among many would-be holiday-makers, the pandemic had some inadvertent positive effects, such as relieving the pressures of overtourism, resulting in cleaner air and water at hotspots both within and beyond Britain – from Cornwall to Venice. [1]

Having recognised the upsides of lower tourist numbers, some people are re-evaluating how their travel habits impact the environment and local ...



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    HipCamp: new pleasure is local leisure

    The pandemic has left the travel industry shellshocked and travelers unsure when they can travel again. HipCamp offers people the opportunity to stay anywhere from a cabin in the woods to unused farmland, offering the dose of nature they crave and helping hosts stay afloat in tough times.

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    Apidura: a bicycle of constant innovation

    As the pandemic continues, Brits are looking for adventures closer to home and are finding bikepacking the perfect way to get back to nature safely. Apidura’s community-centric approach means constant refinement for peak product design.

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    Canopy & Stars: safe post-lockdown staycations

    Anxiety is high as COVID-19 restriction ease but Britons are still looking to get away during the summer. As the lockdown measures are relaxed and people start venturing farther afield, Canopy & Stars is boosting confidence by showing a different side to British staycations.

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    How will HNWIs travel post-pandemic?

    The global tourism industry was brought to its knees as COVID-19 restrictions saw jet-setters cancel flights en masse. As the world emerges from lockdown, it’s hoped that HNWIs will play a key role in reviving the sector – but how has the pandemic changed their vacation preferences?