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  • Why do people shop locally in times of uncertainty?
  • Why do people shop locally in times of uncertainty?
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Think global, buy local! The science of identity shopping

In times of uncertainty, people often make purchases that reaffirm their identity – yet many ‘global citizens’ championed local firms during the pandemic. Canvas8 spoke to Sharon Ng of Nanyang Technological University to understand the impact of global-local identities on shopping habits.

Location Global

When Anthony Joshua appeared in Google’s ‘Dear Local’ campaign in 2020, he immersed the audience in his experiences of local businesses that define his neighbourhood and his identity. The ad showcased a variety of firms situated in Golders Green, London, where the boxer grew up, and encouraged people to leave Google reviews. Although he’s a global sensation, the campaign strategically highlighted his local identity, aiming to win over the 40% of people in the UK who believe the COVID-19 crisis has enhanced their sense of community.

The pandemic has been characterised by constant uncertainty ...



  • Support for local brands is growing in China Support for local brands is growing in China

    Chinese consumers are known as the driving force behind the success of numerous European business sectors, but have been slow to show the same support to home-grown Chinese brands. However, as the quality improves so does trust, creating new opportunities for local brands.

  • Article image How are local-first mindsets changing retail?

    The closure of non-essential retail due to COVID-19 saw shopping become a mostly digital affair for many Britons. Yet while the future of the high street may be in jeopardy, people remain eager to connect with brands. How can pop-up experiences fulfil this desire in the post-pandemic landscape?

  • Burberry pairs captivating campaign with social good Burberry pairs captivating campaign with social good

    People want to be inspired by captivating campaigns, and Burberry’s whimsical advert does just that, delivering awe and joy. Beyond that, the fashion house has announced its work with Marcus Rashford, showing how brands can execute both social responsibility and glossy campaigns in tandem.

  • Article image Is American exceptionalism dead?

    A lot of businesses traffic in American exceptionalism, tapping into national pride as part of their creative comms and brand identity. But while such aspirational messaging used to resonate with Americans – and many people around the world – will COVID-19 make this narrative less appealing?