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  • As online wine sales soar, brands are getting innovative with engagement
  • As online wine sales soar, brands are getting innovative with engagement
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Why buying wine online is here to stay

COVID-19 has been wine’s wake-up call to ecommerce. Once a prerogative of younger drinkers, the pandemic has opened online wine buying to all consumers and siphoned it into the mainstream. How can brands keep up with the trend and the changing behaviours associated with it?

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“I’ve been in wine online since 2002 and, before the pandemic, I didn’t think I’d have seen the wine industry [embracing] the internet in my lifetime,” says Paul Mabray, CEO of Pixwine, a wine discovery platform set to launch this spring. “The pandemic has accelerated everything because there was a need to do it. It was ‘evolve or die’. We’ve gone two decades ahead. The genie is out of the bottle and you can’t put him back in. It’s the start of something great. This is the golden age of wine online.” [1]

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    Drizly: drinks on-demand, delivering discovery

    As drinking at home becomes part of the new normal, people want a killer selection of brands direct to their doorstep. Drizly’s independent alcohol retailer marketplace delivers within an hour, encouraging Americans to try off-the-beaten-track brands, and even spend more on their choices.

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    Oranj: curating natural wine to drink at home

    Wine subscription service Oranj aims to give Britons a trendy at-home wine bar experience while they stay indoors due to the pandemic. By focusing on natural wines, it also plays into the growing interest in discovery and learning for those seeking an earthy, organic experience.

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    How spirits are moving beyond connoisseur culture

    Premium spirits were once synonymous with exclusivity, with only discerning drinkers splashing out for high-end tipples. But with luxury moving in a more inclusive direction and alcohol discovery largely taking place online due to COVID-19, how can brands keep up with a changing marketplace?

  • Americans get playful with their wine discovery

    Americans get playful with their wine discovery

    Wine has always been a drink to be taken seriously – at least, it used to be. A new breed of US-based subscription wine services is helping to diversify people’s relationships to the beverage, making wine more accessible, experimental, and even playful.