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  • Why do online conspiracy cults attract so many adherents?
  • Why do online conspiracy cults attract so many adherents?
    Katerina Holmes (2020) ©

Who are the ‘conspiratualists’?

Alternative forms of belief are increasingly infiltrating mainstream culture, with ‘conspiritualism’ gaining mass exposure following the storming of the Capitol Building. But who are the ‘conspiritualists’? And why might the ‘brovolution’ create problems for conventional healthcare?

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Just six days into 2021, the world watched in disbelief as a mismatched bunch of insurrectionists carried out an unprecedented attack on democracy at the US Capitol Building. Amid the confusion of the event and its aftermath, one question rose quickly to the surface: who was that dude in the horns? Now known widely as the ‘QAnon Shaman’, the enigma that is Jake Angeli has attracted global attention, with his hunger strike in jail at being denied organic food sparking a new form of cognitive dissonance: members of violent mobs aren’t generally expected to be die-hard ethical consumers.



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    Logically: fighting the infodemic with AI

    The rapid growth of an online ‘infodemic’ – where fake news and conspiracy theories abound – means it has become difficult to sort fact from fiction. Logically is using AI technology and fact-checkers to help both private companies and the general public combat the spread of misinformation.

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    Can Big Tech combat ‘truth decay’?

    As fake news continues to flourish across the web, people are looking to tech companies to take charge of the issue and make long-term adjustments to restore the credibility of online news. But with misleading media easier than ever to manufacture, how can trust be created and maintained?

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    Are algorithms radicalizing boomers?

    With QAnon and conspiracy theories impacting mainstream discourse, tech companies are having to take greater control of what’s published on their platforms. Increasingly active on social media, American Boomers are caught up in the misinformation wars - but what draws them to fake news?

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    TikTok Witches and the rise of Wiccan in American life

    Women are finding comfort, community and empowerment in alternative faiths and practices such as Wiccan and Witchcraft. How is the notion of The Witch being reclaimed by women, and how can brands tap into this identity without the clichéd wizardry?