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  • People are rethinking daily oral care and the role it plays in their lives
  • People are rethinking daily oral care and the role it plays in their lives
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Is personalization the next opportunity in oral care?

Fear of the dentist is nothing new, but added anxiety around contracting COVID-19 is pushing Americans to be more proactive about their oral health. With conscious consumers constantly forcing the bar higher for oral care products, how can established and emerging brands compete?

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The nylon toothbrush is a relativelyrecent invention, having been around for less than a century. And as simple as the technology seems, Americans are still struggling to form proper oral healthcare habits: one-third of US adults are unaware of the American Dental Association’s recommendations around how often to brush, floss, and see a dentist. As with so many areas of life, the pandemic has had a significant impact on American attitudes to oral care. Anxiety over drilling, needles, and hefty bills aside, COVID-19 has become yet another reason to fear the dentist. Around 30% of Americans were less likely ...



  • Article image Quip: smart oral care changing everyday habits

    People want more tailored everyday healthcare. Quip offers smart toothbrushes that make it easier to brush well, and refillable, sustainable products such as floss and mouthwash. Supported by dental professionals, the minimalist offer shows how oral care can move into a lifestyle category.

  • Article image Why ‘self-care’ needs more compassion

    The concept of wellness has gained renewed importance in the wake of COVID-19, yet maintaining one’s physical and mental wellbeing is proving harder for some people than others. How can self-care practices be made more accessible and compassionate to those who need it the most?

  • Green and Clear Green and Clear

    Luxury brands aren’t traditionally touted for their green credentials. But with eco-chic making its way into the beauty regimes and wardrobes of ethically-minded shoppers, there’s a growing expectation for them to vocalise their sustainability efforts. While old markers of prestige still hold value, materialistic extravagance is falling out of sync with modern tastes.

  • Article image What do Americans want from a ‘beauty basic’?

    People rarely give a second thought to the items used in everyday beauty routines, but a wave of challenger brands is shaking things up by offering luxurious and chic versions of everything from moisturizer to toilet paper. Why do these upgraded essentials appeal to Americans?