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  • Almost half of Gen Yers felt increased emotional support from having a pet
  • Almost half of Gen Yers felt increased emotional support from having a pet
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How can emotional needs be met in the digital age?

The pandemic has shown that many people experience extreme loneliness despite having access to online support networks and virtual events. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Luke Fernandez and Dr. Susan Matt to understand emotional and social fulfillment, and what it means in the digital age.

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In 2021, Valentine’s Day celebrations saw many people embrace at-home activities that accommodated social distancing, with 41% having their romantic dates at home, and many doing so virtually. 2020 has been difficult for long-distance lovers who have been prohibited from seeing each other because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. [1] Even couples who live together have endured the implications of social distancing, with many feeling as though they’re spending too much time together, and are less able to create intimacy.

The global health crisis has shone a light on our need for IRL social interactions ...



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    Video calls may have helped to ease isolation during lockdown, but it’s not just humans that can provide a sense of connection. Canvas8 spoke to social psychologist Dr. Elaine Paravati Harrigan to understand how people are fulfilling social needs with or without others.

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    Many are calling lockdown a social nightmare, while others are thriving and can’t imagine going back to ‘normal’. Canvas8 spoke to Jenn Granneman, author of The Secret Lives of Introverts, to understand why certain people love being at home and what brands can do to better cater to them.

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    American Gen Yers are increasingly spending their leisure time at home, ditching nights out at bars and restaurants for dinner parties with friends and indulgent self-care rituals. Why are so many members of this cohort embracing a homebody lifestyle, and what might it take to attract them outside?

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    Whether due to divorce, bereavement, or family relocation, loneliness is an everyday issue for many American Boomers. But as members of this aging cohort sharpen their tech skills, they’re being exposed to apps and devices that help them establish new connections both online and IRL.