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  • How is Quip’s oral care levelling up self-care?
  • How is Quip’s oral care levelling up self-care?
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Quip: smart oral care changing everyday habits

People want more tailored everyday healthcare. Quip offers smart toothbrushes that make it easier to brush well, and refillable, sustainable products such as floss and mouthwash. Supported by dental professionals, the minimalist offer shows how oral care can move into a lifestyle category.

Location United Kingdom

Brushing our teeth often feels like a hassle, especially at the end of a long day. But disruptors in the oral care space are focusing on making dental care rituals more enjoyable, accessible, and amenable to at-home lifestyles. Enter Quip, a US start-up, available to order in the UK, that’s offering a comprehensive package around mouth hygiene, without the hyper-professional positioning (and price tag) that dominates the electric toothbrush space. Instead, its affordable electric toothbrushes and subscription plans ensure running out of fresh brush heads is near to impossible; with a product design geared towards making healthy ...



  • Time-saving toothbrush gives lazy brushers a quick fix Time-saving toothbrush gives lazy brushers a quick fix

    French company FasTeesH has launched an ‘auto-cleaning’ toothbrush that thoroughly cleans teeth in just ten seconds. With good dental health linked to good physical health, the product may nudge better habits by changing people's perceptions of tooth-brushing as a time-consuming chore.

  • Article image HENRY The Dentist: bringing dental care to American offices

    American office workers are so time-poor that they’re skipping their yearly visits to the dentist. HENRY The Dentist, a fleet of cool, fully-equipped mobile dental clinics, is bringing oral care to its patients and making check-ups quick, convenient, and almost enjoyable.

  • Oral-B AI toothbrush gamifies dental care Oral-B AI toothbrush gamifies dental care

    Oral-B is releasing an AI-powered electric toothbrush that uses sensors to show people how they can develop better dental healthcare practices via a scorekeeping app. With people keen to boost their physical wellbeing, they are looking to brands to provide engaging, digital experiences.

  • Article image Cocofloss: turning oral care into a daily indulgence

    Nearly a third of Americans never floss, while 37% floss less than daily. But, with its high-quality filaments and Instagram-worthy packaging, Cocofloss wants to transform this oral care technique from a boring chore into a daily indulgence. Could it be the least ostentatious status symbol ever?