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  • How is UGGs making a comeback with collabs?
  • How is UGGs making a comeback with collabs?
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UGGs: the art of the luxury partnership

With a series of high-fashion partnerships, UGGs exemplifies the pandemic-era pivot. As people settle deep into comfort wear in lockdown, UGGs is getting a reboot with an approach that shows how a brand can shift from everyday essential to cult item with a few considered collaborations.

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From André Leon Tally saying that UGGs are ‘comfort food’ for his feet and Stormzy going to a BBC interview in UGG slippers, UGGs are a noughties cult brand making a comeback in the cultural space. [1][2][3] Though the design hasn’t changed, the sheepskin boot has undergone a makeover, ditching connotations with Juicy tracksuits and partnering with high-fashion queen Molly Goddard.





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