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  • How are the Silent and Greatest Generations standing out in 2021?
  • How are the Silent and Greatest Generations standing out in 2021?
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2021 Generational Snapshot of Older Adults

How have savviness, loyalty, and a deep appreciation for respect come to define older adults? Why has the COVID-19 pandemic been so influential in their adoption of technology? And how might a rise in multigenerational living arrangements shape their relationships with culture?

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2020 was a challenging year for older adults. With almost all members of this cohort sheltering in place during the pandemic, there was a considerable risk for loneliness to be exacerbated and for the so-called Silent Generation to disappear from public view.

Yet the reality is that, in many ways, the opposite has happened. In November 2020, Joe Biden became the first member of the Silent Generation to hold the office of US President – not a bad precedent to set in terms of what older adults are capable of during the latter ...



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    Billy: passive tech to keep seniors safe

    By using non-intrusive sensors in a senior’s home, the Billy app provides families and carers with insights into a loved one’s health and wellbeing. Aiming to keep a person comfortable in their home, its approach could provide a blueprint for aiding Australian’s ailing elderly care system.

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    Why senior surfers are the digital disruptors to watch

    With older adults still sheltering in place, the risk of prolonged loneliness and social isolation is high. Improved digital literacy isn’t just helping them stay connected and engaged, but enabling other aspects of everyday life, from shopping and entertainment to managing finances and healthcare.

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    Caribu: engaging video calls for intergenerational play

    Rather than a traditional video call, the Caribu app is an interactive platform that focuses on fun and connection. Users can read together over the app, use digital coloring books, play games, and have virtual playdates with everyone from grandparents to friends from school.

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    Why are Americans working into old age?

    Rather than winding down their working lives after they hit 65, more and more American Boomers are either in employment or looking for jobs. And while some are toiling out of necessity to cover everyday costs, others are taking up roles that let them try something new or feel a sense of community.