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  • Have Americans changed their style since the shift to remote work?
  • Have Americans changed their style since the shift to remote work?
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How the pandemic is moving US style past hatewear

Amid shelter-in-place orders, sweatpants are becoming a stalwart of our remote-working style, and dressing down is the new dressing up. Canvas8 spoke to seven people from across the US to find out how the pandemic has changed their sense of fashion and how that’s making them feel.

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Formal shoes and business suits are out, sweatpants and slippers are in. Lockdowns have flipped a lot of our routines on their heads but one of the ways they’ve been most impactful is in the way we dress. For some, buttoning up a shirt or donning some heels are distant memories. All this means that the effect of the pandemic on the fashion industry has been devastating – indeed, clothing sales plummeted by 34% globally in March 2020 and may never recover fully. [1][2] And in the US, clothing sales saw a 79% drop in April ...



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    Why transparency is a must for luxury fashion fans

    High-end fashion brands have generally not performed as well as fast fashion on transparency rankings. With exclusivity and a sense of mystique among the segment’s unique selling points, luxury labels have long been more comfortable with opacity. But could consumer pressure force a change?

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    Bethany Williams: fashion as a force for change

    With fashion in flux, people are looking for alternative leaders to initiate meaningful change. Bethany Williams’ approach, which goes beyond sustainable fabrics to encompass social enterprise, is a lesson for all sectors in how to create a truly human brand for the pandemic age.

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    What does personal identity mean for Americans?

    There are numerous ways in which to define oneself – from physical appearance to hobbies to religious beliefs – but what do people see as integral to their identity? Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to eight individuals to understand how they would characterize themselves.

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    Why every day is casual Friday in the ‘new normal’

    Restrictive social distancing measures and an increase in remote working have seen the spaces for sartorial self-expression shift from public to private. In the post-pandemic era, how might people use clothing to define their identities, and what kinds of garments will they come to cherish?