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  • How can brands help to diversify the fashion narrative?
  • How can brands help to diversify the fashion narrative?
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Kimberly Jenkins on where fashion and power intersect

The fashion industry has a long history of reinforcing a limited, Western, and overwhelmingly White vision of what constitutes attractive and appropriate clothing and styles. Canvas8 spoke to Kimberly Jenkins to find out how brands can help to shape a more inclusive fashion landscape.

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For its February 2021 issue, Vice-President Kamala Harris features on the front cover of American Vogue. Mid-smile, Harris appears in her own clothes – dark jacket, skinny trousers, Converse trainers, and signature pearls – with her hands clasped at her waist. As the first elected official to appear on the magazine’s front cover, the shoot was poised to make history. But in the eyes of critics, it fell flat. “The selected photo is determinedly unfancy. Kind of messy. The lighting is unflattering,” writes Vanessa Friedman for The New York Times. “Ms. Harris may be authentic and approachable, ...



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    Black Girls in Fashion: diversifying the industry

    The Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020 is casting the serious lack of inclusion and representation of Black women within the UK’s fashion industry into sharp relief. Recognising the need for change and access, BGIF is giving a leg up to those who have previously struggled to break through.

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    A-COLD-WALL*: activism in luxury menswear

    The BLM protests again highlighted fashion's failure on diversity. With people demanding acknowledgement, accountability and action from brands, staying silent is no longer an option. A-COLD-WALL*’s BLM initiative shows how luxury fashion can go hand in hand with activism.

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    Pull up or shut up: calling out industry racism

    In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement being reignited by the death of George Floyd, brands are taking to social media to express solidarity and support. But as people expect increased transparency and accountability from companies, they are being asked to ‘pull up or shut up’.

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    Telfar: making the ‘It bag’ an inclusive status symbol

    The Telfar Shopping Bag may not be as recognizable or as expensive as iconic designs from Chanel or Dior, but it has become just as coveted among fashionistas. It’s attracted young shoppers with the chance to be part of an inclusive community, rewriting the rules of the ‘It bag’ in the process.