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  • How have Aussies’ cooking habits changed in lockdown?
  • How have Aussies’ cooking habits changed in lockdown?
    Tima Miroshnichenko (2020) ©

What do Australians want from their kitchens?

The shift to remote working has caused many Australians to rethink their approach to food, affecting not only what they eat, but how and where they prepare it. How can brands accommodate time-pressed workers who want to cook? And how might kitchens evolve in response to the new WFH norm?

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When COVID-19 restrictions came into effect in March 2020, Madeline Lucas had mixed feelings about being cooped up at home. As a community manager at business leader training firm Small Giants, her work is heavily reliant on interpersonal communication. “I miss the people so much. So much. We are all really close at our office,” she told ABC News. Yet while there’s a limit to how much teamwork and camaraderie can be shared over constant Zoom meetings, she admitted that “not commuting anymore is actually heaven,” citing the advantages of “getting to cook your lunch when you feel like ...



  • Article image Has the era of open-plan living come to a close?

    COVID-19 has prompted huge shifts in the US interior design industry – suddenly, outdoor spaces, privacy hubs, and colors that boost emotional wellbeing are paramount. How do these demands reflect people’s priorities during the pandemic? And what might they expect at home in the ‘new normal’?

  • 'Wellness apartments’ point to post-pandemic living 'Wellness apartments’ point to post-pandemic living

    Cramped rooms, no outdoor space, poor air quality. The shortcomings of city-apartment living have been thrown into sharp relief in 2020. As architects and property developers look to the future, they’re focusing on making indoor living healthier and more enjoyable for post-pandemic life.

  • Article image 2021 Expert Outlook on Home and Relationships

    How has the pandemic affected intimacy? Why are people going off open-plan design? And will remote-working trigger an urban exodus? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the forces set to shape our homes and relationships in the year ahead.

  • Article image Great Jones: design-forward cookware for Gen Yers

    There’s no lack of choice in the cookware market, which is more of a curse than a blessing for decision-fatigued Gen Yers. In addition to the lean product line from Great Jones, its attractive design and modest price-point has secured the brand a place in the hearts of Gen Yer home cooks.