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  • How is HipCamp helping Americans enjoy safe getaways?
  • How is HipCamp helping Americans enjoy safe getaways?
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HipCamp: new pleasure is local leisure

The pandemic has left the travel industry shellshocked and travelers unsure when they can travel again. HipCamp offers people the opportunity to stay anywhere from a cabin in the woods to unused farmland, offering the dose of nature they crave and helping hosts stay afloat in tough times.

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The pandemic has left the global travel industry reeling, with people either being under restrictions not to travel or simply choosing not to. Across New York’s airports, July 2020 saw passenger numbers on airlines down by 87% year-on-year. What’s more, 49.5% of Americans say they won’t feel ready to travel until there’s a vaccine available and long-haul flights and trips are suffering the most. [1][2] Interest in staying closer to home has exploded, and HipCamp is at the forefront of facilitating this. Offering glamping opportunities at over 420,000 listings across the US and Canada, ...



  • Americans want trips that connect them with nature

    Americans want trips that connect them with nature

    Hiking and camping might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the pandemic forcing people to stay inside has sparked new interest in exploring the outdoors. From camping to fishing, Americans are showing more interest in vacation and leisure activities that reconnect them with nature.

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    2021 Expert Outlook on Travel and Leisure

    How has the pandemic changed what we do in cities? Will booking a holiday ever be stress-free? Has restaurant dining changed forever? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are socialising at a distance and finding fun in safe experiences.

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    Stay Small, Stay Safe: Luxury Stays amid a pandemic

    Lockdown has left people desperate to escape and get away for a holiday, but many lack the confidence to take the plunge and book something. Stay Small, Stay Safe’s campaign is stressing their pandemic protection processes to win guest trust and keep them safe.

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    What will people want from leisure brands post-COVID-19?

    COVID-19 has hit the travel and hospitality sector harder than most others, with event venues forced to postpone bookings, airlines grounding fleets, and restaurants banning sit-in service. As people re-explore their leisure options post-lockdown, what will they expect from brands in this space?