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  • How have hobbies helped Britons cope through COVID-19?
  • How have hobbies helped Britons cope through COVID-19?
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Why creativity is a powerful coping mechanism

With traditional ways of socialising blocked and the stress of the pandemic having a drastic impact on people's mental health, many Britons have embraced the soothing balm of a new or old hobby. But how might an uptick in creativity impact their leisure preferences in the post-pandemic era?

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With more time on their hands and a desire to distract themselves from the boredom, stress, and anxieties of the pandemic, many Britons have been turning to new interests or rediscovering hobbies. A survey conducted by The Healthy Work Company found that 22% took up a new pastime during the first lockdown in the UK, while 35% rediscovered an old one. [1] With 80% of people working from home saying that the crisis had negatively impacted their mental health, it’s not surprising that so many are pursuing hobbies that can improve their wellbeing. [2] Indeed, 27% ...



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    A panacea for the pandemic, Design Emergency is a research project hosted on Instagram. Every week, the founders investigate the design industry’s response to COVID-19. The series also explores how the aftermath of the global crisis could reshape the way designers approach their craft.

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