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  • How is Logically helping people separate fact from fiction?
  • How is Logically helping people separate fact from fiction?
    Ketut Subiyanto (2020) ©

Logically: fighting the infodemic with AI

The rapid growth of an online ‘infodemic’ – where fake news and conspiracy theories abound – means it has become difficult to sort fact from fiction. Logically is using AI technology and fact-checkers to help both private companies and the general public combat the spread of misinformation.

Location North America / Northern Europe

After witnessing the breakdown of public discourse around the US Presidential election and the UK’s Brexit referendum in 2016, Lyric Jain set out to battle against the spread of fake news. [1] He founded Logically in 2017, motivated by the impact that the social initiative could deliver through “human-machine collaborations” in order “to mitigate risks posed by information disorder,” he says. It uses a blend of artificial and human intelligence, harnessing cutting-edge algorithms and expert fact-checkers in the fight against misinformation. But its mission took on new resonance in 2020, as COVID-19 conspiracies abounded. This ...



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