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  • How is Apidura redefining backpacking?
  • How is Apidura redefining backpacking?
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Apidura: a bicycle of constant innovation

As the pandemic continues, Brits are looking for adventures closer to home and are finding bikepacking the perfect way to get back to nature safely. Apidura’s community-centric approach means constant refinement for peak product design.

Location Denmark / United Kingdom

Bikepacking may be a new concept to many, but as a low-budget bike adventure it already has legions of fans. Red Bull call it a “rejigged cross-pollination of mountain biking, backpacking and cycle touring… one of the most liberating experiences it’s possible to have on two wheels”. [1] It can be as short as an overnight trip, or multiple days exploring off-road, stopping in youth hostels, bothy huts or wild camping on the side of the road. The idea is to travel as light as possible, strapping any luggage to your mountain or hybrid bike, ...



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    How to keep Britons on two wheels

    Lockdown measures in the UK caused a sharp reduction in the number of cars on the road, causing cyclists to come out in their droves. Yet while many commuters, students, and casual bikers have appreciated the cleaner air and safer streets, how can they be encouraged to keep pedalling post-pandemic?

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    How workouts are levelling up body knowledge

    The pandemic has accelerated the number of people exercising from the comfort of their homes, but it is a trend which existed long before the crisis. It's not only about convenience. How is the personalisation and socialisation of fitness tech changing the workout space?

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    VanMoof: urban e-bikes for high-powered commutes

    Slick, fast, and undeniably urban chic, VanMoof e-bikes boast enough technical features to rival even the most city-friendly commuter car. With global initiatives to encourage sustainable commutes in the post-pandemic era, electric bicycles could be the way to reclaim our cities from cars for good.

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    Cargoroo: green getarounds for urban families

    Families, small businesses, and individuals who need to transport heavy loads are broadly neglected by existing micro-mobility solutions. By enabling rental by the hour, Cargoroo allows them to enjoy the benefits of e-cargo bike travel, which include carbon efficiency, exercise, and convenience.