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  • How has COVID-19 expedited the transformation of workplaces?
  • How has COVID-19 expedited the transformation of workplaces?
    Armin Rimoldi (2020) ©

2021 Expert Outlook on Careers

How is the gig economy evolving? What is the future of work-life balance? And how can managers drive performance remotely? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are adapting to the massive changes taking place in work environments.

Location Global

In 2020, the much-hailed future of work finally arrived. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, large-scale remote working went from a possibility to an international norm in a matter of weeks. Mass digitisation changed how we work, communicate, and collaborate – and transformed people’s relationships to their jobs. By September, over 70% of remote workers in the US agreed that the shift to working from home had saved them time and increased comfort, and more than six in ten said it had improved their daily routines and brought them closer to their ...



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    R/Unemployment: alt support for professionals

    In the US, the pandemic and accompanying recession have put millions out of work. Faced with a convoluted benefits application system, the hardship of unemployment, and growing self-reliance, laid-off workers are turning to online communities for crowdsourced support.

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    Why getting uncomfortable earns people’s trust

    In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, brands are working on anti-racism agendas. But in order for real change to occur, it’s clear that businesses need to pursue, not avoid, ‘uncomfortable’ positions. As people look for brands to take action, embracing discomfort is a way to earn trust.

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    Another Zoom?! The science of virtual leadership

    Leading a team can be difficult at the best of times, and amid a mass uptake of remote working due to COVID-19, fresh challenges have emerged. Canvas8 spoke to Ina Purvanova, professor of leadership and management at Drake University, to learn the traits of a great virtual leader.

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    What do gig workers want from fintech?

    Gig-economy workers and the self-employed face unique financial difficulties, from building a credit score to finding flexible insurance. But how are a growing number of financial technology solutions – delivered by big banks and challengers alike – serving the needs of a growing demographic?